COVID Relief Payments

Click here for more information to sign up for COVID-19 relief payments.

Click here for FAQ on CRA Direct Deposit.

Why should you opt for direct deposit (PayDirect)?

  • Faster access to your funds: Your money will be deposited directly to your We Financial Visa account – no waiting for cheques to be delivered in the mail or lining up at the Post Office
  • Avoid delays: As the events surrounding COVID-19 may impact the postal service, choosing Direct Deposit ensures that you will receive your money faster.
  • Transactions are secure

Registering for direct deposit (PayDirect) is easy:

Your Northern or NorthMart store can assist you in signing up for direct deposit. All you need is:

  • A We Financial Visa Prepaid Card account. If you don’t have one, your Northern or NorthMart store will provide you with one.
  • Your Social Insurance Number