Northern and NorthMart stores carry food and general merchandise, serving remote, Northern Canadian communities. Northern is the first shopping choice in its markets thanks to consistently superior local selection, being in stock at the right time, helpful, friendly service and unwavering community support.


Fort Chipewyan Northern Store

Box 20
Fort Chipewyan, Alberta
T0P 1B0

Phone: 780-697-3687
Fax: 780-697-3916

Fox Lake Northern Store

General Delivery
Fox Lake, Alberta
T0H 1R0

Phone: 780-659-3920
Fax: 780-659-3666

Monday – Friday:

Wabasca Northern Store

Box 90
Wabasca, Alberta
T0G 2K0

Phone: 780-891-3739
Fax: 780-891-3847

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Berens River Northern Store

General Delivery
Berens River, Manitoba
R0B 0A0

Phone: 204-382-2118
Fax: 204-382-2020

Brochet Northern Store

138 Lakeshore Drive
Brochet, Manitoba
R0B 0B0

Phone: 204-323-2099
Fax: 204-323-2082

Churchill Northern Store

Box 188
Churchill, Manitoba
R0E 1E0

Phone: 204-675-8891
Fax: 204-675-2622

Cross Lake Northmart

Box 40
Cross Lake, Manitoba
R0B 0J0

Phone: 204-676-2371
Fax: 204-676-2667

Garden Hill Northern Store

Box 40, Stevenson Island
Garden Hill, Manitoba
R0B 2H0

Phone: 204-456-2333
Fax: 204-456-2822

God's Lake Narrows Northern Store

General Delivery
God's Lake Narrows, Manitoba
R0B 0M0

Phone: 204-335-2323
Fax: 204-335-2080

God's River Northern Store

General Delivery
God's River, Manitoba
R0B 0N0

Phone: 204-366-2182
Fax: 204-366-2103

Lac Brochet Northern Store

General Delivery
Lac Brochet, Manitoba
R0B 2E0

Phone: 204-337-2160
Fax: 204-337-2246

Little Grand Rapids Northern Store

General Delivery
Little Grand Rapids, Manitoba
R0B 0V0

Phone: 204-397-2038
Fax: 204-397-2467

Lynn Lake Northern Store

General Delivery
Lynn Lake, Manitoba
R0B 0W0

Phone: 204-356-2272
Fax: 204-356-2224

Moose Lake Northern Store

General Delivery
Moose Lake, Manitoba
R0B 0Y0

Phone: 204-678-2212
Fax: 204-678-2128

Norway House Northern Store

General Delivery
Norway House, Manitoba
R0B 1B0

Phone: 204-359-6258
Fax: 204-359-6068

Oxford House Northern Store

General Delivery
Oxford House, Manitoba
R0B 1C0

Phone: 204-538-2359
Fax: 204-538-2090

Pauingassi Northern Store

General Delivery
Pauingassi, Manitoba
R0B 2G0

Phone: 204-397-2116
Fax: 204-397-2284

Poplar River Northern Store

General Delivery
Poplar River, Manitoba
R0B 0Z0

Phone: 204-244-2137
Fax: 204-244-2271

Pukatawagan Northern Store

General Delivery
Pukatawagan, Manitoba
R0B 1G0

Phone: 204-553-2248
Fax: 204-553-2221

Red Sucker Lake Northern Store

General Delivery
Red Sucker Lake, Manitoba
R0B 1H0

Phone: 204-469-5392
Fax: 204-469-5402

Rossville Northern Store

Box 160, Norway House, MB
Rossville, Manitoba
R0B 1B0

Phone: 204-359-6222
Fax: 204-359-6629

Rossville - Quickstop Quickstop

Box 160, Norway House, MB
Rossville - Quickstop, Manitoba
R0B 1B0

Phone: 2043596222

Sapotaweyak Northern Store

General Delivery, Pelican Rapids, MB
Sapotaweyak, Manitoba
R0L 1L0

Phone: 204-587-2281
Fax: 204-587-2305

Shamattawa Northern Store

General Delivery
Shamattawa, Manitoba
R0B 1K0

Phone: 204-565-2019
Fax: 204-565-2017

South Indian Lake Northern Store

General Delivery
South Indian Lake, Manitoba
R0B 1N0

Phone: 204-374-2032
Fax: 204-374-2038

Split Lake Northern Store

General Delivery
Split Lake, Manitoba
R0B 1P0

Phone: 204-342-2260
Fax: 204-342-2277

St. Theresa Point Northern Store

General Delivery
St. Theresa Point, Manitoba
R0B 1J0

Phone: 204-462-2012
Fax: 204-462-2320

Tadoule Lake Northern Store

General Delivery
Tadoule Lake, Manitoba
R0B 2C0

Phone: 204-684-2278
Fax: 204-684-2299

The Pas (Burger King) Northern Store

Box 808, 125 2nd St.W.
The Pas (Burger King), Manitoba
R9A 1K6

Phone: 204-623-6440
Fax: 204-623-6621

Wasagamack Northern Store

General Delivery
Wasagamack, Manitoba
R0B 1Z0

Phone: 204-457-2402
Fax: 204-457-2905

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Cartwright Northern Store

Box 10
Cartwright, Newfoundland
A0K 1V0

Phone: 709-938-7232
Fax: 709-938-7409

Happy Valley Northmart

Box 1990, Postal Stn. B, Happy Valley / Goose Bay
Happy Valley, Newfoundland
A0P 1E0

Phone: 709-896-2921
Fax: 709-896-8202

Nain Northern Store

General Delivery
Nain, Newfoundland
A0P 1L0

Phone: 709-922-2832
Fax: 709-922-2101

Rigolet Northern Store

General Delivery
Rigolet, Newfoundland
A0P 1P0

Phone: 709-947-3470
Fax: 709-947-3436

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Northwest Territories

Aklavik Northern Store

Box 59
Aklavik, Northwest Territories
X0E 0A0

Phone: 867-978-2501
Fax: 867-978-2623

Behchoko Northern Store

Box 40
Behchoko, Northwest Territories
X0E 0Y0

Phone: 867-392-6301
Fax: 867-392-6209

Deline Northern Store

Box 176
Deline, Northwest Territories
X0E 0G0

Phone: 867-589-3311
Fax: 867-589-3104

Fort Good Hope Northern Store

Box 21
Fort Good Hope, Northwest Territories
X0E 0H0

Phone: 867-598-2291
Fax: 867-598-2027

Fort Liard Northern Store

General Delivery
Fort Liard, Northwest Territories
X0G 0A0

Phone: 867-770-4411
Fax: 867-770-4244

Fort McPherson Northern Store

Box 60
Fort McPherson, Northwest Territories
X0E 0J0

Phone: 867-952-2366
Fax: 867-952-2507

Fort Providence Northern Store

General Delivery
Fort Providence, Northwest Territories
X0E 0L0

Phone: 867-699-4331
Fax: 867-699-3434

Fort Resolution Northern Store

General Delivery
Fort Resolution, Northwest Territories
X0E 0M0

Phone: 867-394-4171
Fax: 867-394-4173

Fort Simpson Northern Store

Box 346
Fort Simpson, Northwest Territories
X0E 0N0

Phone: 867-695-2391
Fax: 867-695-2544

Fort Smith Northern Store

Box 47
Fort Smith, Northwest Territories
X0E 0P0

Phone: 867-872-2568
Fax: 867-872-4240

Hay River Northmart

81 Woodland Drive
Hay River, Northwest Territories
X0E 1G1

Phone: 867-874-6395
Fax: 867-874-3700

Inuvik Northmart

Box 1620
Inuvik, Northwest Territories
X0E 0T0

Phone: 867-777-2582
Fax: 867-777-2599

Norman Wells Northern Store

Box 9000
Norman Wells, Northwest Territories
X0E 0V0

Phone: 867-587-2345
Fax: 867-587-2865

Paulatuk Northern Store

Box 113
Paulatuk, Northwest Territories
X0E 1N0

Phone: 867-580-3036
Fax: 867-580-3047

Tsiigehtchic Northern Store

General Delivery
Tsiigehtchic, Northwest Territories
X0E 0B0

Phone: 867-953-3060
Fax: 867-953-3082

Tuktoyaktuk Northern Store

Box 260
Tuktoyaktuk, Northwest Territories
X0E 1C0

Phone: 867-977-2211
Fax: 867-977-2178

Tulita Northern Store

Box 143
Tulita, Northwest Territories
X0E 0K0

Phone: 867-588-4331
Fax: 867-588-4312

Ulukhaktok Northern Store

Box 158, Holman Island
Ulukhaktok, Northwest Territories
X0E 0S0

Phone: 867-396-3121
Fax: 867-396-4302

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Arctic Bay Northern Store

Box 30
Arctic Bay, Nunavut
X0A 0A0

Phone: 867-439-9914
Fax: 867-439-8725

Arviat Northern Store

Box 360
Arviat, Nunavut
X0C 0E0

Phone: 867-857-2826
Fax: 867-857-2925

Baker Lake Northern Store

Box 60
Baker Lake, Nunavut
X0C 0A0

Phone: 867-793-2920
Fax: 867-793-2565

Cambridge Bay Northern Store

General Delivery
Cambridge Bay, Nunavut
X0B 0C0

Phone: 867-983-2571
Fax: 867-983-2452

Cape Dorset Northern Store

Box 90
Cape Dorset, Nunavut
X0A 0C0

Phone: 867-897-8811
Fax: 867-897-8832

Chesterfield Inlet Northern Store

Box 8
Chesterfield Inlet, Nunavut
X0C 0B0

Phone: 867-898-9920
Fax: 867-898-9160

Clyde River Northern Store

General Delivery
Clyde River, Nunavut
X0A 0E0

Phone: 867-924-6260
Fax: 867-924-6386

Coral Harbour Northern Store

Box 90
Coral Harbour, Nunavut
X0C 0C0

Phone: 867-925-9920
Fax: 867-925-8863

Gjoa Haven Northern Store

General Delivery
Gjoa Haven, Nunavut

Phone: 867-360-7261
Fax: 867-360-7905

Hall Beach Northern Store

Box 35
Hall Beach, Nunavut
X0A 0K0

Phone: 867-928-8875
Fax: 867-928-8874

Igloolik Northern Store

Box 90
Igloolik, Nunavut
X0A 0L0

Phone: 867-934-8822
Fax: 867-934-8978

Iqaluit Northmart

Box 130
Iqaluit, Nunavut
X0A 0H0

Phone: 867-975-3500
Fax: 867-975-3549

Kimmirut Northern Store

General Delivery
Kimmirut, Nunavut
X0A 0N0

Phone: 867-939-2242
Fax: 867-939-2353

Kugluktuk Northern Store

Box 281
Kugluktuk, Nunavut
X0B 0E0

Phone: 867-982-4171
Fax: 867-982-3607

Naujaat Northern Store

Box 40
Naujaat, Nunavut
X0C 0H0

Phone: 867-462-9923
Fax: 867-462-4011

Pangnirtung Northern Store

Box 153
Pangnirtung, Nunavut
X0A 0R0

Phone: 867-473-8935
Fax: 867-473-8610

Pond Inlet Northern Store

General Delivery
Pond Inlet, Nunavut
X0A 0S0

Phone: 867-899-8848
Fax: 867-899-8854

Qikiqtarjuaq Northern Store

General Delivery
Qikiqtarjuaq, Nunavut
X0A 0B0

Phone: 867-927-8917
Fax: 867-927-8070

Rankin Inlet Northern Store

Box 70
Rankin Inlet, Nunavut
X0C 0G0

Phone: 867-645-2823
Fax: 867-645-2082

Sanikiluaq Northern Store

General Delivery
Sanikiluaq, Nunavut
X0A 0W0

Phone: 867-266-8836
Fax: 867-266-8840

Taloyoak Northern Store

General Delivery
Taloyoak, Nunavut
X0B 1B0

Phone: 867-561-5121
Fax: 867-561-5708

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Albany Northern Store

Box 151
Albany, Ontario
P0L 1H0

Phone: 705-278-3385
Fax: 705-278-3317

Attawapiskat Northern Store

General Delivery
Attawapiskat, Ontario
P0L 1A0

Phone: 705-997-2130
Fax: 705-997-2191

Bearskin Lake Northern Store

General Delivery
Bearskin Lake, Ontario
P0V 1E0

Phone: 807-363-2597
Fax: 807-363-2507

Cat Lake Northern Store

General Delivery
Cat Lake, Ontario
P0V 1J0

Phone: 807-347-2111
Fax: 807-347-2380

Deer Lake Northern Store

General Delivery
Deer Lake, Ontario
P0V 1N0

Phone: 807-775-2474
Fax: 807-775-2352

Kasabonika Northern Store

Box 125
Kasabonika, Ontario
P0V 1Y0

Phone: 807-535-2624
Fax: 807-535-2655

Kashechewan Northern Store

General Delivery
Kashechewan, Ontario
P0L 1S0

Phone: 705-275-4574
Fax: 705-275-4687

Keewaywin Northern Store

General Delivery
Keewaywin, Ontario
P0V 3G0

Phone: 807-771-1124
Fax: 807-771-1060

Lansdowne House Northern Store

General Delivery
Lansdowne House, Ontario
P0T 1Z0

Phone: 807-479-2554
Fax: 807-479-2599

Moose Factory Northern Store

Box 400
Moose Factory, Ontario
P0L 1W0

Phone: 705-658-4522
Fax: 705-658-4558

Moosonee Northern Store

Box 100
Moosonee, Ontario
P0L 1Y0

Phone: 705-336-2280
Fax: 705-336-2920

Peawanuck Northern Store

General Delivery
Peawanuck, Ontario
P0V 2Z0

Phone: 705-473-9900
Fax: 705-473-2606

Pickle Lake Northern Store

General Delivery
Pickle Lake, Ontario
P0V 3A0

Phone: 807-928-2071
Fax: 807-928-2063

Pikangikum Northern Store

General Delivery
Pikangikum, Ontario
P0V 2L0

Phone: 807-773-5913
Fax: 807-773-5551

Poplar Hill Northern Store

General Delivery
Poplar Hill, Ontario
P0V 3E0

Phone: 807-772-8844
Fax: 807-772-8850

Sachigo Lake Northern Store

General Delivery
Sachigo Lake, Ontario
P0V 2P0

Phone: 807-595-2513
Fax: 807-595-2551

Sandy Lake Northern Store

General Delivery
Sandy Lake, Ontario
P0V 1V0

Phone: 807-774-4451
Fax: 807-774-1496

Severn Northern Store

Box 94, Fort Severn
Severn, Ontario
P0V 1W0

Phone: 807-478-2517
Fax: 807-478-2506

Weagamow Lake Northern Store

General Delivery
Weagamow Lake, Ontario
P0V 2Y0

Phone: 807-469-5241
Fax: 807-469-1307

Webequie Northern Store

Box 118
Webequie, Ontario
P0T 3A0

Phone: 807-353-5261
Fax: 807-353-1023

Wunnumin Lake Northern Store

General Delivery
Wunnumin Lake, Ontario
P0V 2Z0

Phone: 807-442-2579
Fax: 807-442-2591

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Akulivik Northern Store

Box 200
Akulivik, Quebec
J0M 1V0

Phone: 819-496-2747
Fax: 819-496-2750

Chisasibi Northern Store

PO Box 120
Chisasibi, Quebec
J0M 1E0

Phone: 819-855-2810

Eastmain Northern Store

P.O. Box 150
Eastmain, Quebec
J0M 1W0

Phone: 819-977-0269

Inukjuak Northern Store

Box 288
Inukjuak, Quebec
J0M 1M0

Phone: 819-254-8824
Fax: 819-254-8880

Kangiqsualujjuaq Northern Store

Box 220
Kangiqsualujjuaq, Quebec
J0M 1N0

Phone: 819-337-5275
Fax: 819-337-5260

Kangiqsujuaq Northern Store

Box 90
Kangiqsujuaq, Quebec
J0M 1K0

Phone: 819-338-3222 819-338-3384
Fax: 819-338-3269

Kangirsuk Northern Store

Box 60
Kangirsuk, Quebec
J0M 1A0

Phone: 819-935-4384
Fax: 819-935-4023

Kuujjuaq Northern Store

Box 390
Kuujjuaq, Quebec
J0M 1C0

Phone: 819-964-2877
Fax: 819-964-2584

Kuujjuaraapik Northern Store

Box 210
Kuujjuaraapik, Quebec
J0M 1G0

Phone: 819-929-3485
Fax: 819-929-3667

Puvirnituq Northern Store

General Delivery
Puvirnituq, Quebec
J0M 1P0

Phone: 819-988-2920
Fax: 819-988-2729

Radisson Northern Store

Box 119
Radisson, Quebec
J0U 2X0

Phone: 819-638-7255
Fax: 819-638-3162

Romaine Northern Store

Romaine Store Gethsemanie
Romaine, Quebec
G0G 1M0

Phone: 418-229-2144

Salluit Northern Store

Box 90
Salluit, Quebec
J0M 1S0

Phone: 819-255-8949
Fax: 819-255-8936

Schefferville Northern Store

522 Fleming
Schefferville, Quebec
G0G 2T0

Phone: 418-585-2608
Fax: 418-585-3646

Umiujaq Northern Store

Box 152
Umiujaq, Quebec
J0M 1Y0

Phone: 819-331-7590
Fax: 819-331-7592

Waskaganish Northern Store

Box 120, Chisasibi, QC
Waskaganish, Quebec
J0M 1R0

Phone: 819-895-8865
Fax: 819-895-8864

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Beauval Northern Store

General Delivery
Beauval, Saskatchewan
S0M 0G0

Phone: 306-288-2002
Fax: 306-288-2264

Black Lake Northmart

Box 216
Black Lake, Saskatchewan
S0J 0H0

Phone: 306-284-2122
Fax: 306-284-2144

Buffalo Narrows Northern Store

General Delivery
Buffalo Narrows, Saskatchewan
S0M 0J0

Phone: 306-235-4204
Fax: 306-235-4621

Cumberland House Northern Store

General Delivery
Cumberland House, Saskatchewan
S0E 0S0

Phone: 306-888-2024
Fax: 306-888-4795

Fond du Lac Northern Store

Box 209
Fond du Lac, Saskatchewan
S0J 0W0

Phone: 306-686-2010
Fax: 306-686-2066

Ile a la Crosse Northern Store

General Delivery
Ile a la Crosse, Saskatchewan
S0M 1C0

Phone: 306-833-2188
Fax: 306-833-2433

Patuanak Northern Store

General Delivery
Patuanak, Saskatchewan
S0M 2H0

Phone: 306-396-2103
Fax: 306-396-2096

Portage La Loche Northern Store

General Delivery
Portage La Loche, Saskatchewan
S0M 1G0

Phone: 306-822-2410
Fax: 306-822-2269

Southend Northern Store

Box 39
Southend, Saskatchewan
S0J 2L0

Phone: 306-758-2081
Fax: 306-758-2168

Stanley Mission Northern Store

Box 10
Stanley Mission, Saskatchewan
S0J 2P0

Phone: 306-635-2011
Fax: 306-635-2155

Stony Rapids Northmart

General Delivery
Stony Rapids, Saskatchewan
S0J 2R0

Phone: 306-439-2101
Fax: 306-439-2012