Indigenous Peoples Day

On Indigenous Peoples Day, Northern/NorthMart would like to take this opportunity to recognize, reflect on and express our gratitude for the many ways you have enhanced and enriched our lives.

To all First Nations, Inuit and Métis Peoples, we recognize that one of the most meaningful ways you have done this is by sharing your voice.

With your voice, you share your unique heritage, diverse cultures, teachings and ways of life.

With your voice, you help us learn your stories, your experiences and our shared history.

With your voice, you challenge us, teach us and help us understand the best path forward.

For all of this, we say “thank you.”

Today we acknowledge your significant contributions and the role you play as Nation-builders. Your contributions impact our lives in the past, present and future and must always be considered, discussed and honoured. Through your voice, we are inspired to continuously improve as we move together on our shared path to reconciliation.