Frequently Asked Questions

How can I check the balance of my We Financial Visa Prepaid card?

You can check the balance of your We Financial Visa Prepaid card online.

Do you sell information obtained from your customers?

No. Northern and NorthMart is committed to protecting our customer's privacy. Form more information please review our privacy policy.

Can I view and receive flyers online?

Yes you can. To view and receive flyers, please visit our Flyers page. Simply identify your community within this section for the store nearest to you.

Can I apply for employment online?

To learn about employment opportunities at one of our stores, feel free to apply in person. For all other employment opportunities including Pharmacy, Information Technology, Merchandising, Distribution, Human Resources, Marketing, etc., please visit the employment section of our corporate website.

How can I sell my product or service to Northern and NorthMart?

We are always looking for new and innovative products that can better help and serve our customers. Where ever possible we buy products locally within the communities we serve. Visit the Vendor section of our corporate website for more information.

How can I make a charitable donation request from NorthMart?

Our stores support local causes and programs as an active member of the communities we serve. Fill out the application in the Community section of our corporate site.

How do I obtain a copy of The North West Company's annual report?

Please visit our corporate website to obtain a copy of our annual report.