We Visa Pre-Authorized Debit​

What is Pre-Authorized Debit (PAD)?

PAD is a convenient way to pay bills by setting up automatic reoccurring payments. Funds will be drawn automatically from your We Visa account on the date of the month agreed to on your Pre-Authorized Debit form. You'll save money by reducing fees on late payments and save time avoiding the line up at the store!

How do I set up a Pre-Authorized Debit (PAD)?

First you need to make sure that you're set up to receive Direct Deposit on your We Visa account. Next, make sure funds are available on the date the Pre-Authorized Debit takes place. You can visit any We Financial location and provide the clerk your photo ID and We Visa card. The store clerk will provide you with your We Visa account number and can help you fill out the PAD form to authorize payments on your Northern/NorthMart credit account. You can use your We Visa account information to fill out a PAD form at other businesses that you want to pay automatically on a scheduled date.

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