Community Support

The North West Company is proud of the active role we play within communities. We strive to help make a positive, progressive difference within each community we serve. One of the fundamental operating principles of The North West Company is our commitment to local organizations and programs.

To help make a difference in the communities we serve, The North West Company provides support to community programs and organizations which reflect five elements of a healthy and strong community:

Sports & Recreation

The North West Company believes in building skills and confidence in young people while encouraging healthy living. We help over 7,000 youth annually by providing uniforms, equipment, healthy snacks and sponsoring summer camps, community based street hockey and more.
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Culture & Arts

The North West Company supports cultural events, performing arts and celebrations of heritage, language and artistic expression. Through this support, The North West Company plays an active role in preserving and promoting the culture and heritage of the communities we serve.
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Healthy Living

The North West Company’s healthy living programs promote nutritional and physical wellness for our customers and employees. We are proud to partner with the Canadian and American Diabetes Associations to create programs such as the North West Run for Diabetes, as well as working with other healthy living organizations including the Muscular Dystrophy Association, Canadian Cancer Society and others.
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The North West Company cares about our impact on the environment. As a responsible corporate citizen we share society’s concerns for the environment from streamlining our truck fleet to decrease fuel consumption and cut Greenhouse Gas Emissions by 1,082 metric tons in 2011, to reducing plastic bag use by more than 67% across the territories through our Greener Tomorrow program, The North West Company continually aims to make the communities we serve a greener place.
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The North West Company believes education is the best way to create individual opportunity; this is why each year we award thousands of dollars in post-secondary scholarships and educational assistance to community members, schools and staff. We are proud to support the Student Leadership Award program, Aboriginal Education Award, Inspire, The North West Company, Scholarship Award and the Aboriginal Student Scholarship in Business.
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Click here for more details about NWC scholarship support.

Community Board

See your local in store community central board to find out about the current support in your community.